Real Talk For Light Workers Episode Seven: Why Light Workers Resist Healing Themselves:

Hi Lightlove!

Do you ever look around and notice that it seems like a lot of the spiritual people out there – the light workers both overt and covert – seem to be struggling the MOST with their health?

Have you ever noticed that the number of light workers who are ill is not only on par with the average, but seems to be even HIGHER than usual?

That those who feel they are living a kind of spiritual path, or who feel that they are called to live a spiritual life suffer the most with their physical, mental and emotional well being?

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, hormonal issues, digestive issues, chronic pain/fatigue, pain, pain pain.

Yeah. That is for a reason.

A few reasons actually.

You see, this predominance of unhealthy awakening people is no accident – nor is it some kind of divine curse.

Today I want to share with you the secret reasons why light workers struggle with their health, and I want to give you some practical tools you can use to heal yourself, if you identify with being the permanently struggling light worker.

You are divine and deserve to express that way.


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