R.T.F.L.W.E.17 Why Failure Is The Key To Everything And Why You Need To Master It

Hi Beauty :)

Now that you realize that you do not actually have a fear of failure, you can start to dig into this whole ‘failure’ thing and mine it for the gold it has for you.

Because here is the truth – if you are going to take your highest, most expanding, most authentic path you are GOING to fail at things.

Most likely a LOT of things.

Meaning, you are going to attempt things, and it is not going to go how you planned.

You are going to try things and ‘suck’ at them when you first start.

You are going to fall on your face.

All this is necessary to become the person you already are.

Today let’s dive deeply into why failing is AWESOME and why you should be doing it on a regular basis – and how to NAVIGATE it so that it never has to actually FEEL like failure ever again.

The truth is, maybe you are never actually failing ;)


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