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33 Days of Recipes, Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

A complete meal plan with 33 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks with full recipes, shopping lists and preparation instructions. All with the intention of bringing you back in tune with what feels amazing in your body.

Nightly Journal Stems

A short journalling exercise each night to help you uncover your own perceptions of your body and health, to reveal where your limiting beliefs are so that you can start to develop new, healthier mindsets.

How to Communicate with Your Body

Full of tools you can use to help you 'decode' the messages your body is sending you, so that you can find your best health (and life!) ever - all through your OWN wisdom that simply needs to be accessed and understood.

How to Make Peace with Your Body

Learn how to end the battle with your body once and for all. Dive deeply into why you may be struggling to see your body as your friend, and learn tools and techniques you need to re-establish a loving relationship with your vessel.

Movement Plan

33 Days of movement suggestions including links to specifically selected Tara Styles 'Strala' yoga videos. Designed to help you slow down, tune in and connect with your body and it's wisdom through intentional movement.

Extensive FAQ and Program Guides

I have gone over every area of this program with a fine toothed comb in order to bring you the most extensive FAQ ever. I left no stone unturned so you can feel like all questions you have were thought of and answered for you!

How this Program Works


The 33 Day Body Balance Program was designed to be something that you can adapt and mould to fit your unique lifestyle.

If you are the kind of person that really enjoys structure - you will find that here. You can follow this program to the letter if you feel like giving yourself the opportunity to really dive into these tools and feel what it is like to commit to tuning into yourself each and every day for 33 days.

If you are someone who prefers a program that feels more like a place to go for ideas, inspirations and suggestions, you will find that here too. You can use the meal plans as a recipe book rather than a ‘plan’, you can pick and choose which journaling questions resonate with you on different days, use the movement plans at your leisure and simply enjoy mixing and matching the different tools included in this program to suit your life.

There is no right or wrong way to do this program, so long as you are allowing yourself to do what feels right and best for you.

You will also find several PDFs that will give you the tools to set yourself up for living a more Body Balanced life, including information on how to create a flexible health routine for yourself, how to set up your kitchen for success, how to set up your LIFE for success and much more.

This program can be as guided or as loose as you want it to be. It can be followed for the 33 Days exactly, and then you can play around with using the tools, recipes and mediations in whatever way serves you moving forward from there. You can mix and match - omitting tools that don’t resonate for you and highlighting others that really do.

All that matters is that you are feeling more connected to yourself and empowered within your being.

Take a look inside!


Designed to help bring down the noise and confusion around food, so that you can start to really hear what your body is saying to you. No complicated cooking techniques, no hard to find ingredients and no 'superfoods' that cost an arm and a leg. Just real, simple whole foods. But don't let the simplicity fool you, these recipes have also been designed to taste AMAZING! This vibrant food will leave you thoroughly convinced that healthy food and delicious food can and should be synonymous.

What's more, these meals will leave you feeling satisfied but not overly full, energized but not 'buzzed' and will help you start to figure out what really works for your body.

Meal Plans

The whole intention behind these plans was to take all the confusion out of eating in a way that supports your body. With this program you get 33 Days of Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks all designed to give you a balanced day of eating.

Where these meal plans are different from any other meal plan you may have tried is in the fact that there is NO way of doing them wrong! You can follow the plan to the letter, do only the breakfasts and lunches, only the dinners or simply use the plans as a beautiful recipe book/inspiration guide for healthy eating. No matter what you choose to do, you will find some amazing meals in these plans that you will make over and over again.

Shopping Lists

I have taken ALL the guess work out of grocery shopping for you with these lists! The shopping lists in this program are divided into 7 day sections, and come with itemized and numbered lists so you know exactly what you need to buy for each week of the program. Each list is broken down into 'sections' so that your trip the the grocery story can be as seamless as possible.

Connecting with Your Body Tools

The whole intention behind the 33 Day Program is to help you connect with your body. Why? Because when you do, you are going to find that all the answers to your most pertinent health and healing questions lie within YOU. All that is required for you to access this information are the right 'tune in' tools that will guide you in 'decoding' the messages your body is sending you.

These tools are designed to help you identify where you may have limiting/negative beliefs around your body, your capacity to heal, food, movement and life in general so that you can start to empower yourself in ways you may not have been aware you were disempowered. These exercises will help you become aware of what may be holding you back, so that you can start to move forward in areas that have been 'sticking points' for you in the past. It is all about awareness and these tools will give you just that.

Movement Plan

Feeling confused about how to move in a way that serves your body? I don't blame you. HIIT workouts vs. lifting weights, lifting heavy vs.long cardio sessions, spin class vs Crossfit - it is a world of mixed messages out there!

These movement plans were designed to help you bring joyful, effective and most importantly INTENTIONAL movement into your life. These plans are not designed to get you sweating buckets nor do they require any special equipment, gym memberships or even a huge amount of space. All you need is the willingness to commit to 20-30 minutes a day of gentle movement. These plans will give you the tools you need to move with ease, with grace and with flow, helping you to dive even deeper into the messages of your body so that YOU can find for yourself the perfect movement plan for your body.

How this Program is Different


The 33 Day Body Balance Program is the anti-diet program. Meaning there are no strict guidelines, no ‘ideals’ you must measure up to, no expectations of ‘perfection’, and certainly no one size fits all solutions that only end up making you feel like you have done something wrong if they don’t work. This program is all about YOU connecting with YOU. It is all about giving you the tools you need to tap into your own wisdom - because at the end of the day YOU are the source of whatever you need.

You are going to find in the pages of this program meal plans, recipes, movement plans, journaling exercises, mediations and many more sources of information that are all designed to fit into YOUR life, not the other way around.

The biggest thing here is this - you can’t do this program ‘wrong.’ Any way you go about doing this, any tools you use, anything you try - is all going to give you information. It’s all going to help you see something you didn’t see before with regards to your health, wellness and peace - and that is the main point. This program is all about helping you develop confidence in yourself, awareness of yourself and the empowerment to follow your own path to health and wellness that only you know how to walk.

This program is the Anti-diet because it is not about taking power away from you and handing it to someone who is a supposed ‘expert.’ This is about taking all the power to change your life and giving it right back to you - where it belongs.

If you are ready to let go of all the diet rules that have made you feel less than for so long, if you are ready to reconnect with your body (or connect with it for the first time) in order to discover all the wisdom it has for you, if you are ready to stop the crazy making ‘wellness rat race’, if you are willing to surrender the need to be ‘perfect’ so that you can step into the ease, peace, joy and relaxation of knowing you are on an individual journey - then these programs are for you.

BONUS Audio Meditations To Awaken Your Awareness!

BONUS - Weekly Meditations

Awareness is KEY to positive change.

Without becoming aware of WHY we are where we are, what is holding us back, and where we want to go - we can never find new and lasting health.

This is why I have designed these 5 meditations.

These guided meditations will help you to connect in with your body, and to identify all the areas in which you are NOT connected - so that you can start to 'build the bridge' between your mind and your body. That mind/body connection everyone is seeking can feel really illusive, and it is my hope that with the tools in this program combined with these powerful guided meditations, you will start to establish this connection.

Every time you slow down, tune in and connect with what is going on with you in this moment, you strengthen the connection between your conscious mind and your higher wisdom - and guess what? Your body is a HUGE part of that higher wisdom!

Your body is waiting to tell you exactly what you need for your best health and life ever. Are you ready to tune in and get the answers?

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the 33 Day Body Balance Program, we will refund you your money no questions asked.

We know that you know your body, that you know what does and doesn’t work for you. If this program falls into the ‘doesn’t work for you’ category - let us know and we will gladly honor you in that.

If at the end of your experience with the program you don’t feel more connected to your body, more empowered in your ability to make life generating choices for yourself and more sure that your body is on your side - then we will refund you.

This program is all about connecting you with you. If that goal is not met, we want to give you your money back!

Here is everything you get with the program...


  • Owners Manual (PDF)

  • What Is The Point Of These Plans? (PDF)

  • 33 Day Meal Plan Charts (PDF)

  • 33 Day Meal Plan Recipes (PDF)

  • 33 Day Meal Plan Shopping Lists (PDF)

  • 33 Day Meal Plan Instruction Manual (PDF)

  • 33 Day Sentence Stem Journal Exercise (PDF)

  • 33 Day Movement Plan Chart (PDF) 

  • What Is Detox? (PDF) 

  • How To Stock Your Kitchen (PDF)

  • How To Organize Your Life For Success (PDF) 

  • Creating A “Flexible” Routine (PDF)

  • Making Peace With Your Body (PDF)

  • How To Start Communicating With Your Body (PDF)

  • Program FAQ (PDF)

  • Week 1 Breathing Meditation (Audio) 

  • Week 2 Mind Body Meditation (Audio) 

  • Week 3 Stress Relief Meditation (Audio) 

  • Week 4 Grounding Meditation (Audio) 

  • Week 5 Heart Space Mediation (Audio) 

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