Real Talk For Light Workers Episode Five: How To Avoid Frying Out Your Nervous System

By March 8, 2017Videos

Your human vessel is a conductor of energy - you know this.

Scientifically speaking, you are literally an electrical being - your nervous system conducts electrical signals all over your body, as a way of communicating messages and stimulating function.

Now, the thing you may not fully understand, is that as a light worker, you are 'calling in' and requiring more of this energy than the average person. You are literally being required to hold greater amounts of this current in order to be as awake, aware and sensitive as you are.

Not only that, but as you progress along your light working path, you are actually INCREASING the amount of energy that flows through your being.

What this means is - you are likely to fry out.

So many light workers I know struggle with constant headaches, digestive issues, nervous system issues, anxiety, depression, really high highs followed by really low lows - all of which are all symptoms of a nervous system that is not built for the energy it is calling in.

Today I want to teach you some practices to help you avoid frying out - and to help you mend the areas that are currently being fried - so that you can more happily and healthfully continue on with your light working journey.

There is no need to struggle physically/mentally on this path, if you know how to take care of yourself!