R.T.F.L.W.E.11: How To be A Grounded (A.K.A. Not Crazy) Light Worker

By April 19, 2017Videos

You know the people we are talking about.

The light worker who is constantly martyring themselves out, and so ending up totally burnt out and frazzled.

The light worker who believes they have some sort of ‘cause’ or ‘mission’ that they are constantly striving for, making themselves totally obsessed and stressed in the process.

The light worker who believes that their special gifts and powers separate them out from the ‘regular’ people and thus make them unapproachable and intimidating.

The light workers who make this way of living look and feel stressful, hard, punishing and only for a selected few.

Today let’s look at the deeper reasons why light workers end up looking a little coo-coo, and how you can ground yourself in your light working so as to avoid this situation.

Because you can be a light worker and a reasonable person at the same time.




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