RTFLW E10 – If It Is good For You It Is Good For Them

By April 12, 2017Videos

Hi Lovely

It is time to get something straight.

Martyrdom is not a thing.

Sacrificing yourself for someone else is not a thing.

Really, being a healer and a light worker is NOT about burning yourself out, putting yourself out, or ignoring what you want and need for the benefit of others.

It is really important that as a light worker you realize the truth of our oneness - that you realize that there is no such thing as sacrificing yourself and helping someone else.

That you realize that this is a win-win universe.

It is time to tear down the teachings that support the idea that you must suffer to do your work as a light being - because it is in direct conflict with the ultimate truth of life.

Are you ready for a quantum shift? If so, listen in.