R.T.F.L.W.E.24 – You Are Not Going To Save The World – Why You Must Stop Trying.

By July 26, 2017Videos

This idea that the world is in peril and needs saving is one as old as time itself.

At least it is as old as recorded human history.

For as long as there have been people writing down stories of what it is like to be people, they have been writing about the victim situation that is occurring, and the savior that is needed to deliver those who are suffering.

There have been stories of oppression, segregation, unfair treatment and so on forever. Always with the idea that there would be some redeemer that would come and fix the whole thing.

We may believe that as a society - especially as ‘new age spiritual people’ that we have grown out of this savior complex.

We are no longer ‘waiting’ for a deity to come down and wipe out the oppressors. So we have evolved right?

We see the victim mentality, and how THAT is what is keeping us down. We get it. It is all about personal empowerment.

So all we need to do is run around and get everyone to empower themselves, right?

Not so fast.

Today let’s explore the idea that as spiritual people, most of us have simply stopped waiting for the savior to come, and have decided that WE are going to be that savior.

We see the plight of the world, we have noticed that as we take our journey we are suffering less personally, and now we feel like it is our job, our responsibility to go out and save everyone.

We go about trying to fix, save, heal, transform and shift the world, getting more and more stressed out, burnout, disheartened and frustrated as we see that nothing gets better. We try harder. Push harder. Go for it more. And then we end up feeling like it is a hopeless mess that we just need to fully escape from.

Then we start all over again trying to save it.

Let’s get you off that crazy eight cycle. Let’s help you step into a new paradigm all together.

You are not in need of a savior. You are not a savior either.

You trying to rescue the world is actually something that feeds the very victim mentality that you are trying to combat.

The new paradigm awaits. It is going to challenge you. And that is a good thing.