R.T.F.L.W.E.23 – How To ‘Lean In’ And What This Really Means.

By July 19, 2017Videos

Hello My Beauty!!

A few Episodes ago, I suggested to you that if you are an energetically sensitive person, rather than running away from negative energy, trying to shield yourself or trying to save or fix those around you - to simply lean into what you are picking up on and get curious about it.

Today I want to take this concept of ‘leaning in and getting curious’ deeper.

I want to show you HOW to do it.

Let’s explore together why ‘leaning in’ and ‘surrendering to’ negative energies is not the same thing. Let’s journey together past the idea that this leaning in business is all about just putting up with what is going on around you and giving all your power away to what is uncomfortable in your environment.

Leaning in is nuanced and has a much deeper implication than simply being in the discomfort of others and not running away 😉

Leaning in is an art, it is subtle, and it is multifaceted. Let’s explore together.