How To Be Motivated When Motivation Feels Hard, But Doing Nothing Feels Bad Too.

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Motivation - and the lack of motivation - is an interesting concept.

For most in this world, motivation is quite negative. There is the impetus to do what needs to be done, to engage in certain activities, to push through mental/emotional/physical barriers as a way of avoiding something.

We don’t want to be a homeless bum, so we work.

We don’t want to get sick, so we try to eat healthy.

We don’t want to be seen as weak/silly/stupid so we do whatever we feel we need to do to fit into culture - even if it makes us feel less than ourselves.

Can you relate?

On the flip side, you may be struggling to motivate yourself to do what you think you need to do to improve your life - even though you are struggling with being something/someone you don’t want to be.

You may be finding that all the negative motivation in the world - how much you don’t like your current circumstance, how much you want to be different, how much you can see that doing something else would make your life better - you still don’t have it in you to go after a new kind of life. You don’t have what it takes to get you to do anything different or uncomfortable.

You may be struggling to rectify the idea that you are good enough as you are, that you are whole and complete, that you don’t need to change to be worthy of love, with the idea that you want to change things. That you want life to be different. That you don’t like aspects of yourself and your life.

Perhaps you are feeling like all the self love doctrine has gotten you to a place where you feel like pushing yourself to do anything uncomfortable is outside of self love, is out of ‘alignment’ - and often times this is what is required to make a change in your life - so you feel stuck. Like the only way to move forward is to use negative motivation/do things you don’t want to do, and you don’t want to do that.

But you don’t want to be stuck here either.

If any of this resonates with you, today I hope to give you a pep talk that will clear up your confusion around motivation and self love, that will help you see where discomfort and pushing comes into play, and how to motivate yourself when you really don’t want to have to do anything while still desiring change.



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