R.T.F.L.W.E.25 – Are You Addicted To Drama/Fear?

By August 9, 2017Videos

Hi Love:

Addiction is a pretty common word now a days.

This word conjures up images of people relying upon something outside of themselves to stimulate/depress them so that they feel they are capable of living the life they must lead. Most of us know that addiction has its roots in feelings of inadequacy, isolation and helpless overwhelm. We know that to be addicted is a symptom of a deeper issue.

Most everyone knows of someone who is or was directly affected by the abuse cycle that true addiction can and usually does create. You may be that person yourself. Or perhaps you are one who has dealt with or are dealing with your own form of addiction.

Most likely when you hear this word, you think substance - drugs, alcohol, food, tobacco and the like. If you are a little more savvyy, you may also associate distractions/past times with being addictive - things like pornography, video games, sex, T.V watching and so on.

Now, what you may not think of when you hear the word addiction is our cultural addiction to drama.

You may not be aware that most everyone you know - and most likely yourself - is addicted in some way to being in a state of fear. To being in a state of emergency or panic.

So much so that we continue to create dramatic scenarios for ourselves in our lives, as a way of never having to ‘come down’ from the high of adrenaline.

Most of us are not really living lives of happiness - but rather bouncing from one moment of stimulation to another.

Today I want to talk about this addiction to drama, how it may be playing out in your life, how it stops you from being able to enjoy your life and the present moment, and how you can come down.

Getting sober is never easy, but it is always worth it.