R.T.F.L.W.E.24.5 – So If We Are Not Going To Save The World, What Are We Going To Do??

By August 2, 2017Videos

Hi Light Workers.

In my last video, I explained that you are not going to save the world.

We talked about how the one and only cause of suffering on this planet is the belief that separation has occurred, and that it is our job to transform this belief within ourselves, and then to live as that love.

To stop trying to fix the world, because in so doing we are actually only adding fuel to the fire that we are supposedly trying to put out.

With this, I got lots of questions. What about stopping Hitler? What about fighting against injustice? What about trying to help those in need? What about all those who are oppressed? What about fighting FOR things that we want - not necessarily fighting AGAINST what we don’t want? Does a love based reaction mean we don’t fight AT ALL?

Are we supposed to just be passive? How will we create a new world if we don’t do something about all the horrible things that are taking place?

Should we just stand by and let terrible things happen so they can ‘run their course’ and just hope that the people learn fast enough that they don’t destroy themselves?

How will we change what is CLEARLY causing people pain, if we do not fight for something better/against what is?

I hear you.

Today I want to explain as many missing pieces of this puzzle as  can, to make this idea of moving from love rather than fear make sense.

It is a big shift - it really is. Let’s see where we go.