Stepping Into Ego To Understand Unity

By October 20, 2017Videos

Hey you.

Yes, you.

You there reading this.

Don’t listen to Jim Carey.

You exist. You are totally real. You are not an illusion.


You are an Ego, and you are SUPPOSED to be an Ego.

In fact, you trying NOT to be in your Ego, is what is causing all of the problems in your life. The world at large doing this is what is causing most of our global issues too.

With this you may be thinking ‘But Ali, how can you POSSIBLY teach this? Aren’t you supposed to be spiritual? Have all the spiritual teachers that have come before been wrong? What makes you think you know better? Who are you to tell me I EXIST for Gosh Darns Sake!”

I hear you.

I do.

You know. You. That Ego that you don’t want to exist. I hear it.

Today, let’s do a dee dive into why buying into the spiritual bypassing technique of trying to escape your Ego is not going to make you happy, why you think it will make you happy, and what is actually true under all this concept.

You exist.

Just not the way you think you do.



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