R.T.F.L.W.E.35: Lets Get Comfortable With Paradox

By October 18, 2017Videos


Here is the deal my friend, if you want to expand your consciousness - as in come to a place where you have an UNDERSTANDING of reality and how it functions - you are going to need to get comfortable with paradox.

If you want to know God, to understand the Universe, to be a ‘conscious creator’ - you need to understand how two poles create a whole and that the truth is found in the bridging of the gap.

You see - humans have been painting the world in black and white, left and right, up and down POLARITY for…ever.

We have yet to get comfortable with the idea that true reality is a BOTH AND situation.

In the quest to find solidity and structure, in the desperate attempt humanity has made at understanding our reality so we can predict and therefore survive better in it - we have cut our noses off to spite our faces, so to speak.

We have let our hunger for understanding turn into an elimination game - rather than an expansion game.

In this video I am going to teach you how to expand into the realm of paradox, and why embracing a capacity to see the unity of poles will not lead you to more confusion, but rather more order, structure and complexity in your life.

Understanding paradox is paramount to being a conscious creator. Because if you only know how half of the reality works, you have given away the other half of your power.

Have a listen.