Being In A Relationship Is Triggering – How To Handle Being Your Partners Biggest Trigger.

By October 27, 2017Videos

Hey there!

Do you feel like relationships, when they are right and good, should be easy?

That if you and a romantic partner are truly ‘meant to be’ that things between you will flow nicely without too much effort or striving?

Is there a part of you that is secretly hoping that you will find Mr. or Mrs. right (or many Mr. or Mrs. rights, as the case may be), and in so doing you will end all that relationship drama that you have been through in the past - or are in right now?

Are you someone who shies away from committing to someone once you start to see that you trigger each other? That you have arguments about things and can’t seem to find a common ground?

Do you get discouraged and want to give up when it becomes clear that there are times and places where you and your partner are simply not able to come to a common understanding - either feeling like no matter what you do you can’t get them to understand you, or no matter what they do, you simply can’t understand them?

Do you freak out when you notice that your partner is treating you  JUST like your mom/dad/caregiver did when you were young - as in acting out the behaviors that scarred you the most? Even worse, do you freak out when you realize that YOU are treating your partner just like your mom/dad/caregivers treated you as a child?

If so - we hear you. We get all of that.

Today Marcus and I are here to share our experience of being one anothers deepest triggers, and how we have managed to work through a lot of our traumas because we have triggered each other so much. We want to share how even though the ride has not always been fun, it has been exactly what we needed to truly integrate a childhood full of fear and darkness.

We know what it is like to look your partner in the face and feel hopelessly alone and isolated. To feel like the relationship is doomed and you may as well just give up. We also know what it is like to push through these things, open our hearts and find the blessing.

Relationships are not all sunshine and rainbows, but they can be all integration and rejuvenation.

Have a listen and see what you think.