The Truth About The Process Of ‘Awakening’

By November 10, 2017Videos

Hi Light Beam.

Now that you are starting to get comfortable with paradox, you are ready to conceptualize the ‘awakening’ path in a way that perhaps you have never considered before.

You see, there are many schools of thought out there with regards to what it takes to ‘wake up.’

Many of these schools focus on the ‘going in’ aspect. The quieting of the mind. The losing of the self. The meditation. The stillness. The renouncing the world.

This is all done so that reality can be seen without the filter of ‘you’ getting in the way, and so that the filter of ‘normal life’ is also removed.

On the other hand, there are paths of action. Doing. Going out into the world and serving, working, being devoted to someone or something.

These paths revolve around again the losing of the self through practices of self sacrifice in order to perceive reality clearly.

Both paths or schools of thought revolve around clearing the ‘you’ filter so that reality can be seen for how ‘it’ is - but that is essentially where the two ideas end what they agree upon.

So what to do? Do you go in, or go out? Do you renounce the world and hide in the inner dwelling, or do you go out and do as many good deeds as possible?

Today, let’s explore the benefits of both of these paths, why neither is complete on its own, and why PHASES of each will actually create a situation where the two practices coming together are greater than the sum of their parts. We will also explore the link of losing the self, where that is useful and again why it is a phase, not an end unto itself.