R.T.F.L.W.E.37 – How To Determine Who You Can Serve As A Light Worker

By November 3, 2017Videos

Hey there light beam.

To start off - do you know how amazing you are? Being someone who has taken a journey or two in your life, and now feels called to support others who are walking a similar path. That is a really, truly special thing. It shows how deeply compassionate you are, and that you can sense and feel your connection to all that is.

This is a massively special trait, and I hope that you are allowing yourself to really sense and feel just how special it really is.

Now, with that beautiful desire to serve others through sharing your own experience, sharing the tools and techniques that worked for you in the way of processing and integrating your traumas, sharing how you got from ‘trauma/drama’ to complexity, order and structure in your life - aka more happiness - you may have noticed that there are a LOT of people in your life that seem like they would really benefit from your wisdom.

You may be noticing that the more you grow and expand on your path, the more you feel called to support those around you who are clearly suffering. The more you are ‘attracting’ - if you will - people who can see that you have something special and who want to know what it is so they can have a piece for themselves.

You may be feeling like you are so raring to go with this whole ‘help the world’ thing - but at the same time you are running into a few problems.

You are finding that some people are simply not at all receptive to what you have to say. Others seem to ask for you help, then devolve into debating with you. Sometimes you give and give and give to someone and it never seems to be enough for them.

Today, I want to share with you something that I do wish someone had shared with me as I was stepping into service. The clear difference between the people you can support, and those you really have no power to support.

This will most likely be a part one of two. In this episode you will learn the one factor in the OTHER person that determines whether you are a good match to serve them or not.

Have a listen and see what you think:



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