When To Use “Act As Thought It Is” V.S Facing Negative Thoughts/Emotions.

By November 15, 2017Videos

Hello Lovely!

For anyone out there who wants to change - to change a negative behaviour pattern, change a negative thought pattern, learn to see yourself differently, develop more self confidence and so on - you may have heard that there are two ways to go about accomplishing this change:

  1. Act As Though It Is - literally see and feel into the person you want to become, ask yourself what they would do in any given situation, and just do that. Push forward past all limiting beliefs and behaviors and BE the new person NOW.
  2. Face Your Shadow/Negative Thoughts And Emotions - on the flip side, you may have been drawn to shadow work teachings where you are told not to deny or pretend in any way, but rather to deeply face any and all negativity in your life so you can move through it to the other side.

Both paths seem like they will work, but they also seem to contradict one another.

So when do you push through and ‘act as though it is’ and when do you face your emotions? How do you know which emotions are the ‘real ones’ that need processing, and which ones just need to be ‘acted’ differently?

Today I hope to bridge the gap between these two modalities, so that you can experience the benefits of BOTH - and know when and where to apply each of them.

This is fun stuff.



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