R.T.F.L.W.E.38 – Are You Trying To Serve People You Can’t Serve?

By November 8, 2017Videos

Hello again!

Last week we talked about the idea that we can really only help or serve others who are in a place to be served or helped. Ie. We can truly only offer support and guidance to those who are ready and willing to take that support and guidance and act upon it.

Today I want to explore another area where we can get ourselves all tangled up trying to support someone when the ultimate truth is that we really can’t.

This little piece of the puzzle will be the thing that takes you from running around like a chicken with your head cut off try into save everyone, from being one who feels that they ‘should’ be able to offer support and guidance to everyone who comes their way, or from feeling like a failure if you are not able to really get yourself to a place where you are leveling with someone and thus able to give really solid, useful advice.

This will also help us all pull back a little rather than shouting our ‘discoveries’ from the roof tops when we get onto something that we feel is really amazing and beneficial - only to have to take back what we said because it turns out we were wrong.

There is a layer to guiding others that is generally not talked about/taught and I think that is because most teachers aren’t really following the idea - and thus we have a lot of confused mentor/mentees out there. No one is winning in this equation and it’s certainly something that needs to be talked about.

This is humbling, but will save you from even more humbling experiences in the future.