Can You Be Happy Anywhere, Any Time?

By December 1, 2017Videos

As you have been walking your spiritual path, have you adopted the idea that through emotional mastery, through meditation and through all your other disciplines that at some point you should be able to be happy and content anywhere, any time?

Is there a part of you that feels like if you hate your job, are unhappy in your relationship, feel ill in your body or don’t like where you live, that the spiritual thing to do is to ‘learn to accept it?’

Have you been taught that you should ‘bloom where you’re planted?’

Only to find that no matter how hard you try to ‘accept’ - you can’t? That the closest you get is a kind of neutral numbness towards what is, but never a true enjoyment or freedom within what is?

On the other hand, are you someone who has spent your whole life trying so hard to change your external reality, thinking the next job, the next relationship, the next place you live - the next thing is going to be the thing that enables you to be happy forever, always to find yourself disappointed?

Today, I hope to clear up the misconceptions surrounding this idea of being able to be happy no matter what, and how this trying to ‘accept’ all things in a way where you are trying to give up your right to change them, is exactly the opposite side of the same coin that drives people to change everything all the time.

Neither way is the truth, but put them together? And you have a recipe for awesomeness.

Have a listen and see what you think.