R.T.F.L.W.E.39: Why Self Love Is Such A Paradox

By November 17, 2017Videos

Hello my Love!

The self love path and the self improvement path are two different paths which never intersect.

Meaning, if you are on a self improvement path, if you are working to fix or change to better yourself - you will never find yourself at a place where you unconditionally love you.

You can make every change to your being that you could ever have hoped to make - and if it has come from a place of ‘I will love myself when I am there’ - you will never be able to love yourself.

Even when you’re there.

The truth is, getting on the Self Love path is the biggest risk you will ever take in your life. It is the craziest, most extreme and fear inducing leap you will ever make.

Let’s look together today about what it REALLY takes to be in the path of self love, why you may not be doing it even if you ‘think’ you are, and let’s talk about the realities of why it is actually a hugely rebellious and intense choice to make.

Buckle up 😉