R.T.F.L.W.E. 40 – Wounds Traumas and Triggers Are Good

By November 22, 2017Videos

Alright friends.

Today we are going to talk about what a WOUND is, what a TRAUMA is, what a TRIGGER is and why all of these things are exactly what we NEED to wake up.

We are going to clear the confusion out there about getting ‘rid of’ wounds, trauma and triggers - so that you are able to finally use these as the tools they are meant to be used.

If we are constantly running from the curriculum of life, we will never find peace or happiness. The wounds, traumas and triggers we experience are a huge part of the curriculum.

If we don’t learn from what is occurring, we will stay being in pain.

So let’s all come together, let go of the superstition that tells us we can get rid of our suffering through a ‘clearing’ session or a release of emotion, Let’s all realize the gift that our suffering is and finally come to terms with our traumas/wounds so that we can learn and move forward.

Happiness is possible, we just have to understand what we are experiencing in order to find it.



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