R.T.F.L.W.E.42 – Are Your Self Love Practices Actually A Distraction?

By December 6, 2017Videos

Alright my friends:

Today we are going to look at some information that may fall into the ‘hard pill to swallow’ category.

We are going to be taking a good hard look at what self love ACTUALLY is, and why so many people out there are using what we have deemed ‘self love’ to be, in reality is a way of bypassing actually loving themselves.

Most of us can agree that eating foods that don’t serve us, drinking alcohol, watching copious amounts of T.V or having to be on your phone all day are most likely distractions - things we are using to run away from our lives - and really don’t fall into the category of ‘self care’ or ‘self love.’ We know this because there is a very obvious self destructive element to all of the things listed above.

We can’t be loving and destroying something at the same time.

But what if we can be unintentionally using things like mediation, yoga, journalling, bubble baths and healthy eating for the same purpose - to distract rather than to love ourselves?

This is subtle and tricky until you REALLY understand what self love is. Which we get to right at the end of this video - so be sure to watch the whole thing.

Self love is deep. It is in reality. It is not escapism.

Don’t fall into the ‘self love’ cul-de-sac - not because it is wrong, but because you are worth so much more.