A Deeper Look At Shame

Hello My Friend:

In our last video on shame, we explored how to navigate shame that is rooted in who you believe yourself to be as a person.

We explored the idea that shame is a coping mechanism you are using to try to change yourself into the person that will be worthy of the love of those you so deeply want to love you.

In this exploration, we are going to look at shame more in the context of things you have DONE.

How to work with the shame that comes from mistakes you feel you have made, people you have hurt, things you have done that you feel you can never forgive yourself for or get over.

You are now ready to see that shame offers more than just hope for becoming lovable. Shame is a protective mechanism against pain on so many levels.

You are about to discover why you are holding onto your shame, your self blame and your mistakes. You are ready to evolve your need for shame so that you can get it’s messages, and then mature in a way that shame is calling you to mature.

You don’t need shame forever if you are willing to learn from it.