A Spiritual Master Will Never Tell You How Masterful They Are

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In my opinion, anyone these days can proclaim themselves to be spiritually enlightened in some way/worthy of coaching/guiding others or otherwise can demand in some way or other to be taken seriously as a spiritual guide.

A World Full Of Spiritual Masters?

We have SO many people talking about their experiences on plant medicines, their journeys through ‘dark nights of the soul,’ their inner child healing work, their healing crisis, their being ordained by this or that 'master' - telling us that due to this or that experience they now KNOW what they didn’t before and are capable of sharing profound wisdom.

We have many people who have felt that they are ‘spiritual’ or connected in some way for their entire lives, coming out now saying that they can talk to disembodied, off planet entities, that they are a channel to God, that they can see into the lives of others and have jurisdiction to offer advice.

We are seeing MASSIVE amounts of ‘light workers’ who have started their spiritual journeys within the last 5 years, getting really into cleansing or meditation or yoga, finding some theory or method that resonates with them, or finding that their departure from ‘normal’ religion/culture has given them this pure access to things ‘beyond the veil’ and that we should all respect and follow along with their intuitive sense about things.

While I respect the idea we are all capable of connection, while I honor the idea that we all have to start somewhere, while I truly believe that we all DO have the power to channel ‘higher level’ wisdom, that we all have the power to see visions, to realize BIG things about ourselves and reality, that we can all develop the spiritual gifts of foresight, insight and prediction, that we can develop our ability to ‘see’ or read energies - this does NOT make us spiritual masters who are ready to lead others.

Spiritual Powers Don't Make Spiritual Masters:

Again, please know that I’m in no way trying to diminish these experiences for people. I get it. When you see a light being, when you have visions, when you ‘get’ something in a ‘download’ that totally blows your mind - it’s exciting. When you finally allow yourself to OWN the ‘woo-woo’ parts of yourself that you’ve perhaps been hiding or rejecting your whole life you’re going to feel like you’ve been reborn and have SO MUCH to SHARE with the world. I get that when you go on a plant medicine journey and you puke your guts out and feel like you’ve visited every inner child aspect of yourself and have fully SEEN what LOVE is - of COURSE you’re going to want to sing it from the mountain tops.

But all of this, is about 10% of what it REALLY means to live an integral life.

To me, spirituality is about increasing your integrity.

It’s about slowly learning to untangle yourself from the patterns of thought, perception and behaviour that work to DESTROY, so that you can ‘sync up’ with the patterns of being that CREATE in this reality that we live in.

It’s about learning more and more about your own fundamental nature, maturing the aspects of self that exist, and learning more and more about the EXTERNAL reality so that you can then co-create WITH greater existence.

It’s a path of learning to express your DNA potential, using the guidance of pain and pleasure, into a life of continually increasing order, structure, complexity and creativity.

It’s dynamic.

It’s grounded.

It’s practical and reasonable. 

YES there will be magical moments. There will be energy flowing through you. You will have visions. You will think you’re ‘the one’ who’s going to save the world. That YOU HAVE IT and if only people would LISTEN TO YOU you could solve EVERYTHING!


Those moments are fleeting, and they are actually a part of the very YOUNG spiritual path. They are not the signs of mastery.

For me, a true ‘spiritual master’ has had all those experiences, has gone around trying to convince the world of their mastery/fix the world, has gone through that phase of over-perceiving one's own role in the play, has WORKED to integrate their traumas, has seen their perceptions and projections to such a degree that they are CAPABLE of calling THEMSELVES in, and have arrived at a place where they are no longer in delusion about their role here.

They are not self aggrandizing - they realize and recognize that they are but ONE human in a sea of billions. They see that their impact is NOT going to be THE IMPACT that changes THE WORLD. Rather they understand SYSTEMS, and are starting to see their UNIQUE ROLE within those systems. They aren’t nihilistic. They have hope for humanity and in fact, see that where we are, though painful, isn’t wrong. There’s less and less panic about the world going down in flames, less urgency or overwhelm. This has all been replaced by a wisdom that this is what evolution looks like.

A true master is ordering THEIR OWN LIFE FIRST. They no longer ride on the idea that they are ‘special’ and thus deserve to have others care after them. They are not of the belief that their work is so important that it’s ok to be taken care of emotionally or physically by those around them in ways where they COULD support themselves. The idea of the ‘space cadet scientist’ is no longer idealized as the spiritual pinnacle. The totally disconnected, absent minded, leaving a trail of mess to clean up in their wake because they are so focused on their ‘mission’ is seen for what it is - a rejection of their actual impact. A true master realizes that FIRST and FOREMOST their impact is their DAY TO DAY life. Not their book. Not the speaking gig. Not the mission trip. How they treat their family. How they nourish their bodies. How they communicate. THESE are the foundations that MATTER FIRST. They are working to clean up their own messes, and make sure they make less and less of a mess.

A master is one who has nothing but compassion for themselves, isn't looking to fix, change or alter who they are - but rather are looking to actualize their own potential. Whatever that is. They are looking to MATURE all aspects of self, to LEARN from their traumas, and to use these things as an avenue to connect with greater reality MORE. They have no interest in ego eradication, changing their brains or bodies - they are looking to INTEGRATE. Always. They know that who and what they are is limited, and they embrace that fully, looking to BECOME all that they are capable of, in this life, with constant humility. They know they have their filters, their traumas and their unique vantage point, and are always checking themselves for projection. They are NOT looking to fix themselves. They know who they are, and are expanding on everything. Looking to improve on in so far as looking to align THIER WAY OF BEING with universal principal more and more, creating harmony for all.

A master is not looking to be famous or noticed. They are in the daily work of just serving where they are capable. Remember that seeing the systems and where they fit part? That’s what they’re doing. Day in and day out. Their practices, their self care, their focus - it’s around making sure their vessel is strong so they can have STAMINA. They aren’t flashy. It’s not all big energy work sessions and seeing aliens and kundalini rising. Those things happen from time to time, but the spiritual master is no longer distracted by/chasing these things. Because again they realize that the TRUE gold is what they DO in this world. WHO they are. Each moment is a moment. A magical moment.

A master takes as much responsibility for themselves as they are able, they are working to make sure the people in their lives are left BETTER for interacting with them, not burdened with the work of cleaning up after the manic session or the crash. The master recognizes the tendency towards extremes - the big highs and the low lows, and rather than hating these parts of self or indulging them, they are integrating them. To the degree they are able. THere’s no romanticizing of this. The spiritual master will have had trauma, and will find that their connection to their gifts is part and parcel with their trauma. There will be that temptation to want to be looked after, to have others clean up after us, to be irresponsible with our emotions and bodies for the sake of focusing on the work - but a master knows better.

A master is always, always focused first on their impact day to day.

On their inner landscape.

On WHO they are as a whole.

They are in the world chopping wood and carrying water.

They Aren't Looking To Save:

Understanding that the savior complex isn’t a reality.

A master knows to just do their thing.

Keep working their path.

Keep bridging ORDER to their own lives as much as is possible for them in this moment (again no shame, we all have mess, it’s just that we are working on it and not abdicating it in the name of being spiritual, that matters).

They aren’t asking for attention or a stage. They offer. Because it’s what they do. Because it’s who they are. To one person or 500 it doesn’t matter. The offering is the same. Because it’s who they are.

A master has drawn a clear map of the territory. They have been THROUGH many initiations, awakenings, challenges, perception shifts and moments of clarity that’s led them to having a deep understandings of the patterns of human psychology, human nature, the nature of reality and what the ‘general’ journey of connecting to reality looks like. With this, they won’t be afraid for you. They won’t panic with you. They won’t see ‘your thing’ as something altogether ‘different’ from what’s going on with the ‘general’ population. There’s a good chance they won’t ‘see you as special’ for your STRUGGLE - but will identify the ‘you’ that’s in there as what’s special about you. They won’t be impressed by your spiritual trips or gifts - again because they see that as the general territory we all walk. That’s not who YOU are. Those experiences and gifts are just that - experiences and gifts. They will be MUCH more interested in your day to day, your BEING-ness. They will call you into your centre, through your traumas, to help you MATURE.

At the same time, they will have no ‘agenda’ for who you’re meant to become, what you’re meant to transcend or any have any pressure to put on you in the way of changing into something specific. Or even changing at all.

Their work with you will be all around the curiosity of who you really are, and the joy of the unfolding.

They won’t have any ideas about ‘getting rid of’ any part of you or behaviour in you.

They won’t have a plan to ‘fix’ anything about you.

They won’t have a destination in mind.

Rather they will be there to witness your blossoming as you’re supported.

They will know that you’re going to become what you’re going to become and that has nothing to do with them - their just there to be a loving witness and helpful tour guide through the territory. 

They won’t see you AS your pain, suffering, trauma or ‘darkness.’ They will see these things as part of your story, and will have nothing but compassion for the YOU that’s traveling through.


They will again be more interested in who you ARE at your CORE than dissecting what your traumas have led you to believe that you are.

They will have love and compassion AND will see your ultimate strength and capacity. They will support but never drag or force. It’s all FOR and ABOUT you - not them. They won’t need a testimonial from you. Just knowing you felt supported will be their goal. They will SEE YOU - in ways you don’t see yourself, your patterns, your doubts, your stories and fears as well as your core essence, what you are, who you are and who you’re here to blossom into. They will help you learn to read the language of pain and pleasure, so that YOU eventually become your OWN clearest, wisest, most aware guide. They will be CONTINUALLY leading you back to your own strength, your own wisdom, your own connection to REALITY - never asking you to worship or praise THEM. Ever. Never asking you to see them as ‘above’ or special. Only ever saying ‘I have a good map, that’s all. God will guide YOU.’

They Will Serve You Where You ARE:

A master will support you in your real reality. They will be excited for your expansion and give you tools for GROUNDING that expansion. They will be concerned with your vessel. There will be a lot of gentle repetition and never, ever any FORCING or PUSHING to ‘go farther’ with anything. Ever. You will guide the pace, and they will often caution you to slow things down. A master is never, ever going to rush you, push you or suggest you should be moving faster. They will have longer term in mind always - because they know the territory. There will never be a sprint.

A master knows that the plant medicine trips, the kundalini rising experiences, the sessions, the moments and flashes of clarity are important - but that they aren't IT.

They are the STARTING point of transformation, not transformation itself.

The true work is the nervous system reprogramming.

The slow, gentle, compassion filled, two steps forward one step back JOURNEY of re-wiring our connection to self and the universe at large.

It's a GENTLE unravelling of HOW we were taught to see, WHAT we were taught were facts, HOW to perceive - so that we can connect with real pain and pleasure, learn how to problem solve, learn how to identify needs and how to get those needs met. The real magic of the journey, the true transformative work is slow, body based and compassion filled. The flashy stuff is fun, but it's not 'it.' It is slow and steady.

A master will be able to discern the difference between your (and their) nervous systems being stimulated, their traumas being activated, their brains and bodies going into a state of STRESS vs a TRUE revelatory/healing experience. They will know that not all energetic phenomenon are actually nourishing, and that true damage can be done with many of the more radical mental/emotional/physical tools currently used in 'awakening' work.

They will never PUSH you into a state of stress you confuse for ecstasy.

They won't sell you fear and then the remedy.

They won't dig around in your trauma and force you to say/do/enact anything in order to 'heal.'

They will never ask you to abdicate your personal sovereignty at any moment, never ask you to go against your body or intuition, never ask you to go against your reason or logic, never ask you to push through discomfort.

They won't have flashy, extreme or provoking methods to offer - and in fact their methods will most likely feel and appear boring.


Not 'advanced' enough.

They will be consistent, slow and steady.

Finally the truest mark of a master is one who would never in a million years claim to be transcended. Never claim to be done. Never claim to have all the answers. A true master knows that the ONE characteristic of life, the one requirement for being a living being, is growth. Thus, a master understands that THEIR life is dependent upon growth. You will never catch a master keeping their same concepts of self, the world and the universe year after year. You won't ever see a true master who 'settles' on something and doesn't continually EVOLVE the truths they've found. A master will find ever evolving layers and levels of COMPLEXITY in their work and understanding - never staying in one place for very long at all. They will sustain a connection to a truth, but that truth will be constantly evolving in their lives. You will never catch a master finding a way of life that works and STAYING there.

A master will have down times.

A master will have supporters. 

A master will lose their way and go back into the wilderness.

A master knows they ALWAYS have something to learn. A master LOVES to find out that they were WRONG.

A master LOVES to find out what isn't working so that they can CHANGE to something that does.

A master will never hold onto ANY theory or idea so long as reality isn't proving it to be so.

No matter how long it appeared to be right, how well it appeared to work - as soon as a master learns that something has run it's course, it's time to evolve, or wasn't right - they will change. A master is tied to NOTHING but truth - actual outcomes - no systems, no doctrines, no teachers or teachings. Only reality. A master would never assume to know it all. Would never claim that their path is the 'right path' for everyone - would never project their own journey onto others. A master knows their boundaries, knows their limits, knows their HUMANITY just as well as their divinity. A master is interested in sharing what's worked with those who wish to listen - not in being seen as transcended, complete or beyond their 'students.' A master won't even have a student, just friends to walk the path with.

A master knows that growth is everything, and so they are constantly in the work of growing themselves. They DO have some foundational things figured out - you should see a level of steadiness and predictability in their lives. A level of not repeating trauma cycles. A level of order that is consistent. A base. AND. Change. Growth. Expansion on the ideas. Growth in what's working. ALWAYS more to learn, more to create, more complexity to come into.

A master knows who they are - a student of God. An eager student, but a student none the less. A forever student. Looking to support the studentship of all other beings, walking home together.

A Master is this. Not a mess. Not looking to save. Not looking to be glorified. Not looking to save, fix or change. Not looking for notoriety. No head in the clouds. Not chasing or using spiritual experiences as a kind of resume.If people come, great. They serve. If they don’t, great, they create order, structure and more life.

They are steady.

They are consistent.

There are fewer and fewer ‘highs and lows’ - more just showing up, chopping wood, carrying water.

They build, each day, their vessel and their relationships.

They are serving their communities.

They commune with God as a way of life.

The support you in processing, daily, practically and slowly.

It’s an inner game.

If the outer sees, so be it.

But that’s never the point.

Mastery is this, to me.

THIS consistency, humility and vision is what impresses me.


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