A Theory Of Immortality

Life = Evolution.

The SINGLE qualification for life is growth.

Anything that is growing is living.

Anything that is decaying is dying or losing its capacity to hold this specific point of focus/consciousness and moving in the direction of releasing that consciousness to be reconfigured in a new way.

Anything that is growing, changing, evolving, becoming more complex, more ordered, more informed is going to be supported by life AS life. The consciousness that animates this form will stay knitted into this form as they both evolve together.

Anything in a state of evolution is going to stay alive.

Anything that is not growing and evolving, is then turning to DEGENERATION.

Turning to decay, loss of functionality, down regulation in complexity.

This causes a weakening of the bonds that ‘hold it together’ until eventually it ‘degrades’ back into its component parts, releasing the unit that it was so all pieces can find a new configuration in which to evolve within.

Thus, in the human body, any body that is REGENERATING - growing, evolving, becoming more complex - is a body that is going to stay alive.

Any body that is DEGRADING - losing function, losing complexity and order, becoming more chaotic, less intelligent - is dying.

There is no ‘death’ mechanism in the body - only regeneration and evolution mechanisms that fail to work/are inhibited by some force that drives them in a chaotic direction.

Meaning, health is not the absence of disease. Disease is not the cause of death, nor does disease have to mean we die.

Health is the presence of MORE regeneration happening in the body than degeneration.

So long as the balance of regeneration:degeneration is in favor of regeneration, life will continue.

In the process of regeneration, the structural unit is being reinforced in its integrity. It's being knit together tighter, stronger, and in more complex and efficient ways.

Meaning it's not the state of health you start in, or that you're in right now, that determines whether you live or die.

Only the balance of regeneration happening vs. degeneration.

If you continue to allow your body and mind to get stronger, you can live, conceivably, forever.

So long as you keep the regeneration patterns going in a way that outnumbers any degeneration patterns, you have life.

Thus, a theory on staying alive forever.

Just keep growing, becoming more complex, more efficient, more united within yourself. Mind, body and spirit.

No state of ‘perfect’ health is required.

A person with lots of disease who is working to reverse the course of these diseases and thus is moving, OVERALL in a MORE regenerative direction than degeneration, could be a better candidate for longevity than someone with fewer diseases who is not in a state of conscious regeneration, who will then succumb to the degeneration that is the only alternative. A ‘healthy’ person could die sooner than a sick person, if that ‘healthy’ person is not evolving.

It’s the balance, the ratio that matters, not any particular state.




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  • Jan says:

    Do you really mean immortality as a particular body?
    I don’t think any specific form can last forever. It is in the nature of all forms that they are temporary.
    Even if it is theoretically possible through moving in a direction of growth in my life decisions, there are still things outside of my control that can kill me. Not even considering things like the end of the sun or the end of this universe

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