‘Abundance’ Is Not Spiritual – Why The Abundance Gospel/New Age Paradigm Is A Lie

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The new age movement, as well as many more traditional spiritual practices have, in the last few decades, have started preaching the message of ‘abundance as spirituality.’

That God, the Universe, Krishna, whomever - wants you to have not just what you need, but SO MUCH MORE than what you need.

We are being fed messages all day that when we are truly ‘aligned’, living our purpose, doing what we are supposed to be doing - that money, resources and power will fall at our feet. And they all have their programs to help you ‘discover’ who you really and so that you can step into those riches just waiting for you.

At the same time, we have messages telling us - from the same lips of the ‘you deserve it’ teachers - that there is something in YOU that’s blocking your ‘ability to manifest’ this abundance. That you have a scarcity mentality. You don’t believe you deserve it.

And wouldn’t you know - they all have the solution for that for you too.

In this video, I’m doing a deep dive into why this abundance teaching is totally bullshit, why it’s keeping people stuck in the secular, artificial matrix, why these teachings are NO DIFFERENT than the fashion or food company telling you that you aren’t enough and they can sell you something to make you better - and how this whole thing must be deconstructed so we can find truth.

In reality, the earth can’t sustain a population as large as ours in everyone having ‘abundance’ as we know it. We are missing the point of what we ACTUALLY want when we say we want abundance, and we are being caught in a trap that will NEVER lead to any kind of true spiritual growth.

Here is a blog series I wrote covering this subject in depth if you want to go deeper: 


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