Addressing Light Workers Gaslighting And Spiritual Bypassing

Hello Friend.

Warning - the contents of this video may be hard to hear and acknowledge. That's ok. That is where self love comes in. You are not wrong or bad, you are hurting and that's not your fault. Be gentle on you as you listen to this.

The world is full of suffering right now - as it always has been. At the same time we are seeing a LOT of uprising in communities that have been deeply traumatized by a system that is set up to give them less of a chance at finding happiness and success than others.

With this uprising, is coming the reaction from the love and light communities:

‘You just need to empower yourself.’

‘Your anger is immature, you need to express yourself differently.’

‘Can’t you see that you’re being manipulated? This anger, aggression, expression - it’s all wrong and you need to change.’

Either that or we are feeling overwhelmed, and projecting that overwhelm onto others by simply shutting down or running away from what we are seeing.

This kind of reaction is NOT a love and light reaction. This is spiritual bypassing and gaslighting at it’s finest.

I don’t believe we are doing it on purpose - but many of us don’t know what it really means to hold space for pain. To process pain. To go into SELF LOVE and to MATURE the hurting parts of ourselves into wellness. And we are taking our lack of capacity to do this work in our own lives and projecting it onto others.

Today I want to present an alternative to these kinds of reactions. I want to support you in supporting yourself through your own pain, so that you can then become a good support for the pain others are in.

The world does need to change, and we can help. But we have to be actually emotionally mature enough to do so. This is how we get there.



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  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    Yes, I understand your points of view. I search for my own responses to all these traumas of life. I search for responses to my own traumas. I “hold space” for others traumas. I find support along the way, you for a long time now. Somehow I am empowered to go on… that grace?……is that God?……is it because I don’t have the courage to leave the life I live figuratively or literally? I find I am learning that I am a part of the One, that life is a million both/and situations……the abuser and the abused, the oppressors and the oppressed, the “powers” of the world and the subjugated……the yin and yang, the flowers and the frost, life and our perception of death.

    There is suffering. We can try to orchestrate our life events, our thoughts, our emotions and how we respond with our own ideas of success and failure, thinking we have some control. Do we? I don’t know. What do I know? That I have been blessed to know great Love in my life always. That is why there is such suffering in life. My coach and therapist tell me my thoughts cause me suffering. All the comments I am responding to in your latest epistle are the reasons why there is suffering.

    How do we respond to ourselves, our loved ones, to the greater world in the midst of our personal and collective suffering? We keep responding… ourselves, to our loved ones, to the greater world by our Love, knowing it is the best we have to give, and give as much Love away as we can…..knowing that Love is the most precious renewable source there is.

    I am in the midst of great suffering. I believe I will never have a life circumstance that will bring me greater suffering…..I have lost an adult child…..his light will always be with me. I have chosen to live life figuratively and literally. Why else would I stay if not for Love? I wish you the same Dear Aliyah…..thank YOU for all your Love Letters💗.

    Mary Anne

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Thank you so much dear friend for sharing this poetry with me. What you express here – why do we go on? Why do we respond? Why do we LOVE? Do we have any kind of control over our suffering or the suffering of others? Is the suffering all in our minds, or is it simply a part of the human experience no matter what we think? Are pain and pleasure wired in? Can we transcend, or is the transcendence a capacity to be with what is, and to move through it, learning – as you say. There is so much here. So much to question – and perhaps we won’t ever know the MEANING or REASON for any of it – but we will have just what you stated here – our experiences of love. Our experience, that for better or worse, taught us something.

      I see you in the depths of this pain you are experiencing. I can think of nothing more painful than losing a child. I know I can’t even fathom what you are feeling, but I want you to know that I SEE YOU. I feel you. You’re not alone. Never alone. I am sending you my love and support in this time. I am holding you in prayer. I am holding him in prayer. You carry his spark forward with you. But this is not a job for you. You are not responsible to or for anyone. Just know that nothing is lost, not really. You are here, and that matters deeply. He was here and it mattered deeply. That cannot be lost. What he was and the impact he had can never be erased. Holding you dear friend, always in love.


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