Addressing The Guru Paradigm/Abusive Leaders:

Hello My Loves!

Our social climate has changed quite a bit in the last decade specifically.

With this, we have seen many people - men in particular - being called out for their abuses of power.

Their sexual abuse. Their exploitation of those less powerful than them. Their capacity to step on whomever and whatever in order to ‘get to the top’ of whatever field they were in.

At the same time, we are now seeing a lot of spiritual/self help/empowerment teachers ALSO being exposed as having many skeletons in THEIR closet when it comes to being abusive.

Many are coming forward with their deeply painful stories of being abused by these people they trusted dearly - who spoke, wrote and expressed so beautifully - but who, in real life, did not live their teachings.

Today I want to address this. I want to talk about WHY these spiritual leaders became the overt abusers they became, why we as a society are still so susceptible to these kinds of abuses, the covert ‘FEMININE’ style of abuse that looks different than the overt ‘masculine’ style but is rooted in the same issue as the overt ‘masculine’ style of abuse - and why this ALL stems from the same core issue that we are not yet dealing with as a society.

It’s a heavy subject, and I hope to shed some light, comfort and hope for a moving forward.



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