ALL Of The Pain In Humanity Is Childhood Trauma – Not Your Fault, But Our Responsibility.

Hello Love!

Today I am going to be sharing why I believe that ALL the pain on the planet right now, comes down to childhood trauma.

Comes down to the fact that we were all shamed, rejected, abandoned or rescued.

Meaning none of us felt safe to actually GROW.

We didn’t feel safe to grow into our true selves, and we didn’t feel safe to grow in the sense of learning from real reality.

Rather, we learned to contort ourselves looking for external approval - and as adults this turned into all our coping mechanisms and self defeating behaviors. It turned into all our ‘toxic’ relationships. It turned into all of our abusive behaviors both internal and external.

We learned that reality isn’t safe and that we need HUMAN guidance/consensus before something is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. We learned rules, regulations, codes and conducts that are HEAD based rather than based in reality.

Thus we are all walking around in an ‘illusion’ - feeling separated from others and the earth, feeling like we need approval, feeling not good enough and unworthy and feeling that we don’t know what truth is.

Let’s dive into why ALL pain on this planet is childhood pain, how we are going to address this via understanding our nervous systems, and what it really looks like to ‘wake up’ or ‘grow up’ depending on the word you like most!