Am I Wallowing In My Negative Emotion If I am Trying To Understand Them?

By February 24, 2017Videos

Hello Lovely!

We have talked A LOT about spending time with negative emotions around here.

About learning to be with, confront, even LOVE the parts of you that are hurting, that are struggling, that feel down and depressed.

With that being said, I get asked all the time if really ‘going there’ with regards to leaning into and exploring negative emotions is actually just wallowing in those emotions.

If thinking about them, indulging them, being in them all the time, is really just perpetuating them more than anything else.

If you feel like looking into your negative emotions is being self indulgent, if you fear that you are simply spurring on your negative state, this video is for you.

Let’s clarify what doing the work looks like, and what is simply wallowing.