Ask Aliyah Anything: Did I Quit Too Soon?!

Hello Lovebug!

Have you ever had a life situation where you were SO resistant to what you were in, hating ever moment of your day as you existed in this circumstance that was driving you nuts - only to find that once you decide you are going to quit/leave all of a sudden you start to be able to enjoy what you are in and think ‘holy shit, did I just make a massive mistake deciding to leave?”

Have you ever been in a job/relationship/city/dietary regiment/other life circumstance that you simply HATED and wanted to get out of SO BADLY - but at the same time had a feeling that you were learning something and needed to ‘stick it out’ to get the information?

Then, one day, you decided enough was enough! You gave your notice at work, had a really rough and honest conversation with your S.O about wanting out, bought food that doesn’t fit your plan, gave notice at your apartment - only to find that in the transition period between stating you were quitting the job/relationship/living situation/diet and it actually being over - all of a sudden it didn’t feel so bad anymore?

All of a sudden the job seems bearable. You start to notice all the things you love about your S.O you had neglected to notice, you are flooded with all the happy memories as well as the safety and security of the apartment you are in now - and you freeze in fear.


In todays Ask Aliyah Anything episode we are going to explore just this - why things feel so terrible when we are in them, and then all of a sudden seem way more awesome once we have decided we are going to leave. We will explore how to transition to your ‘new’ thing, and how to be in the new thing taking all the lessons you learned from the resistance to the old thing - so you can avoid simply re-creating the old situation in the new situation.

You have done nothing wrong - and you can’t do anything wrong. You can’t avoid or escape a lesson that is for you - even if you quit too early.

Have a listen and see what you think!