Ask Aliyah Anything “What If I Can’t Connect To God/My Higher Self?”

Hello LightBeam!

In the last post, we talked all about God/The higher self and how tuning into this wisdom is so key for moving forward in life.

If you struggle with connecting to God/your higher self/higher wisdom - you are not alone. If you have been attempting to do your self love work/practices, only to find most of them impossible because you are not able to ‘love’ your pain/shame/parts of yourself that hurt or to see them as anything other than bad - you are so not alone. If you struggle to find any higher purpose or reason for your struggles, and feel that your logic and intellect in the here and now are really all you have - and that loving the painful parts of yourself is just going to keep you stuck - you are not alone.

Connection to something ‘greater’ than ourselves is one of the most important things on this path of personal growth.

When we get too bogged down in our current circumstances, too lost in the details of what is occurring for us in the ‘right here right now’ - and all the fears we have about what this will mean for our lives and our future - it can be incredibly difficult to feel any sense of hope, security, faith or steadiness that things can get better.

With this, we can also feel that the ‘answers’ to our problems are completely illusive.

When our perspective is so tightly focused on the pain and suffering we are in right now, seeing patterns, seeing the ‘larger picture’ and thus being able to see where we DO have power to shift of change things for ourselves becomes impossible.

At the same time, since we know that to truly love and accept ourselves where we are it IS the KEY to being able to move forward - because in this love we are able to MATURE and EVOLVE the aspects of ourselves we need in order to move forward - but that when we can’t access a higher perspective than the one we have, this loving becomes impossible.

If you struggle to really work the self love tools that matter most - sitting with your negative emotions and looking for their message, sitting with your pain and looking for how it’s trying to help you, sitting with the parts of yourself you hate and fear the most and feeling love for these aspects - because you feel you have no ‘connection’ to a higher vantage point - then todays video is for you.

We are going to explore the blocks that most people have to connecting to higher wisdom - which are usually rooted in something you may have long ago forgotten even occurred in your life - and how to move forward with this so that you can connect with the wisdom you need to see your life in a clearer way.

You are not alone in feeling that there is no greater love to connect to, and that there is no way to love the parts of yourself that hurt you so much. Let’s explore together.



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  • danielray Pickrel says:

    Was dealing with a bruise, attempted find the high road in a personal interaction, and crashed and burned.

    Reading your essay was reminded of walking across the driveway. Barefooted is pleasure. Then, stepping on a single stone, it will feel bruised. What happened, had swept the driveway with a great sense of prayer.

    As I write, the dog has snuggled next to my bare heel, perfect point.

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