Becoming A Conscious Co-Creator – Energy, Vibration, Frequency And YOU

By December 7, 2016Videos


The new age movement has popularized terms like vibration, frequency, point of attraction and energy.

You know that your ‘vibration’ can be high or low.

That your ‘frequency’ can be good or bad.

That ‘like attracts like’

But really, does this not all just sound like a bunch of flashy words that don’t really mean anything in the practical reality that you live in?

How do you know what your ‘vibration’ is?

How can you tell when your ‘frequency’ is good or bad?

Where is this energy coming from?

Today, let’s explore the nuts and bolts of vibration, energy and frequency, so that you can understand how these concepts practically relate to you, and so that you can fully understand them, rather than allowing them to be fancy ideas that don’t really mean much to you on a practical level.

In the next video we will explore the idea of being ‘love’ and what that really means.

For now, get your vibrational knowledge on.