Bloom Beyond Shame And Perfectionism With Martine Maess Sorthe

Do you struggle with feeling ashamed of yourself?

Do you find that you often try to ‘get rid of’ your shame by attempting to ‘perfect’ yourself?

Always striving to perfect your body, to reach your potential in your work/creativity, to create the BEST relationships, to find the ‘perfect’ balance in your life - only to feel like more and more of a failure with every attempt?

Do you struggle to follow your own inner guidance - feeling that any time this contradicts what others expect of you, you spiral into shame and self doubt?

Do you feel that you can’t ‘get over’ past mistakes you have made - feeling deep shame about things you have done that you simply can’t seem to recover from?

If so, this conversation is for YOU my friend.

Join me and my friend Martine Maess Sorthe as we discuss the links between perfectionism and shame, why we feel such deep shame in our lives, why we turn to perfectionism to try to get rid of our shame - and why perfectionism IS a PART of the answer to our shame - but not the whole story.

In this talk you will discover:

The overarching causes for your shame and perfectionism

How to identify what ‘kind’ of shame you are experiencing so you can evolve it.

Tools for evolving your shame.

Tools for evolving your perfectionism into a tool you can USE rather than a weapon that is working against you.

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