Can Finally Tell You Everything

Hello Friend 🙂
This video is going to be a personal one. I have shared bits and pieces of my personal health/mental health/emotional health journey in the past - and I've always been as open and honest as I could be - given everything I was aware of at the time.

I have made it my mission not to centre this work I am doing around myself - as I wanted the tools that I share to be seen as universal tools that anyone can use to foster a deeper connection with SELF, with REALITY and thus create a more harmonious and purpose filled life. I wanted this to be accessible to anyone and everyone - regardless of whether you related to/resonated with 'me' as a person or not.

I also felt that I never had enough of the actual puzzle of my life put together to be able to share from a truly grounded, complete picture vantage point. I always sensed that as much as I had figured out about my physical health, mental health, emotional health, as much as I had seen the traumas of  my upbringing and the essential parts of 'me' that needed to be loved into safety - I always knew there was a piece of the story I wasn't quite seeing. Something wasn't complete.

Now, I finally have my full picture - and I want to share my experience with you because I know there are SO MANY people out there who are going to resonate with my experience, and I am hoping that MY clarity will bring YOU clarity.
I have  some big news to share about myself in this video, that is going to inform the way I work moving forward. I hope that my share brings you a sense of peace, a sense of understanding if you have been struggling with health issues, anxiety, depression, unexplained pain and doubt that there is any way to make this life feel better.
I hope that my share helps bring us closer together.

You can find the video by clicking right here!