Can’t Access Shadow Work/Feeling/Being In Your Body? – Try This

Hello Beauty!
Looking at your past, your traumas, your hidden parts, your hurting parts, the parts of yourself that have been abandoned, abused and neglected is very important work.
Getting INTO your body so you can physically process your experiences is totally key to evolution.
Grounding into yourself is the way forward - yes.
At the same time, we have to acknowledge that for some of us trying to do shadow work, trying to get into the body, trying to be present, trying to be with feelings - trying to do 'spiritual' work that isn't' 'spiritual bypassing' isn't the right step.
Sometimes we aren't actually ready to face our pasts. To feel our feelings. To get into the body.
Today let's talk about why it's SO IMPORTANT not to push yourself on the path of transformation, why sometimes 'spiritual bypassing' is actually the RIGHT thing to do (and isn't really spiritual bypassing), why these practices for feeling and healing aren't accessible to everyone - and what to do to build yourself UP to these things in a way that actually honors you as an individual.
If you've been told that you're doing he path wrong because you can't access these more embodied tools, if you've been told that your spirituality isn't really spirituality but is avoidance, if you've been gas lit like this in ANY way - this video is for you. Let's take the pressure off.
Complex PTSD - Pete Walker

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