Can’t Rest/Ask For Help: It’s Not You, It’s Trauma

Hello Lovely!

If you have trouble letting yourself rest - you're not alone.

If you find yourself feeling guilty when you try to take time off, feeling like if you stop 'the other shoe will drop', like if you ever have to ask for help that you're admitting a fatal flaw or like rest is just HARD for you - it's not you. It's trauma.

You may find in your life that when you DO try to slow down and rest that it doesn't feel good. You feel anxious. Some gnawing sense of not being ok. Your mind comes up with all these stories for WHY rest feels bad and is wrong - and those stories build until they PUSH you into action again.

With all of this, you may find that you end up hitting 'the wall' over and over again. That you end up pushing yourself to burn out cyclically - and no matter how much you try to interrupt the cycle - you can't. Because rest feels terrible. Asking for help feels terrible.

You may find that ADMITTING that you're tired, that you want rest, that you are doing too much feels HORRIFYING. You feel guilty. Shameful. Or like if you admit to your fatigue that you will NEVER be able to motivate yourself again - because you're so tired.

You may find that you run on adrenaline constantly. That you are addicted to social media, others opinions of you, taking in scary information - because it is that 'toxic fuel' that keeps you going.

You may have a sense that if you rest, the world will fall apart.

Finally, do you feel like someone who CAN'T motivate themselves? Who is ALWAYS feeling like you're not doing enough, can't get yourself to be productive, can't get moving at all?

Today I want to explore why so many of us have such a difficult relationship with rest, how we can start to love our nervous systems safe and how we can recognize our individual AND our collective trauma around rest, so that we can start to re-jigger our relationship with rest.

It's not you. Its trauma. And there is a way forward. Let's explore together.



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