Conditional Relating Within Unconditional Love

Hello Beauty 🙂

Unconditional love is a really confusing subject.

Over the last year and a half, I have come to realize that my definition of love, and unconditional love, was really wrong.

Perhaps you can relate to this.

As an empath, I have always been able to see that those around me who were abusive - especially those who were abusing me - weren’t bad people. Rather, they were HURTING people who were lashing out at me because of their own pain.

Often times I would feel like their abuse of me was warranted - that I had provided them in some way and should have known better. That it was ME that was to blame - because I was too sensitive, to forward, too honest, too - everything.

I also believed that perhaps, if I could simply love these people who were hurting and hurting me enough, one day, that love would heal their pain. I felt that it was my duty as a spiritual person who could see what was ‘really’ going on to sacrifice myself for the greater good.

I felt like if I ever drew a boundary, asked for the abuse to stop or even that if I ADMITTED that the abuse was abuse and that it was hurting me, that this would make me ‘unspiritual.’ A bad person. Selfish. That I would be HURTING THEM and that was not ok.

Now, I know better.

If you are an empath and have been in cycles of abusive relationships where you feel it is your fault, or that you should become spiritual enough to be able to be in the presence of someones else’s pain that they are projecting onto you without being hurt - please listen.

This is a big subject and it deserves attention.



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  • joann says:

    you are so wise and at such a young age! Thank you for this video post– you clarified something I’ve understood intuitively but couldn’t quite tease apart some of fuzzy parts until you explained it so well!!

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