Conductivity – Becoming A Powerful Creator Part Three

By December 20, 2017Videos

Welcome Back!

If you have not done so already, please check out Part One and Part Two in this series.

Now that you understand what living a life of powerful creation really means, and now that you are getting used to the idea of being open and receptive, we are going to dive into the concept of conductivity.

We are going to explore together why your capacity to conduct life force energy through your being is fundamental to a life of ‘in alignment’ creation.

You are going to learn how to become more conductive, how to identify where you are blocking conductivity and you are going to learn WHY all of this matters so much in your creations.

You are going to learn how to move blocks, how to create a greater and greater flow of life through your being - and you are going to come face to face with why this matters so much in the context of powerful creation.

You can only create with the amount of energy you are conducting. No amazing idea is enough on it’s own - it must have power behind it.

Let’s get you conducting, shall we?


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