Connection Is Not From Sameness – Why We Struggle To Connect As A Human Race

By September 22, 2017Videos

Hello Beaut!

Connection with others is considered one of the greatest of human needs.

It used to be thought that the base physical needs were most important - yet there have been some interesting findings that have pointed to the idea that some humans will gravitate towards getting their connection/safety within a group needs met even BEFORE looking after their physical needs.

This may seem totally crazy, but there is a really good reason for this.

What is not so commonly explored, is exactly HOW we manage to get this sense of connection - and if our methods are working for us.

We live in a world where we are more ‘connected’ than ever - technology has created what is essentially a global community - and even with this ever increasing access to one another, most are feeling more and more lonely.

More and more disconnected. Isolated. Alone.

Why would this be? Why are we so desperate for connection? Why are we so disconnected despite our current culture of on demand interaction and interface?

Today, let’s explore HOW we look at connection, and why this may not be serving us, and how we can move into a new view of connection that will serve us better.

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