Discovering Your Own Guiding Principals:

Hello Love!

There is a reason we are so addicted to religion, government, authority, doctors, education, media and so on in our world.

A reason we all end up doing what our caregivers did, what our communities of origin did, what our families did - even when we try really hard to forge our own path and when we look on the surface like we are being different.

There is a reason we end up in spirals of repetitive behaviors and choices that we ‘know’ aren’t the highest of best, but that seem like all we can do when push comes to shove.

It’s our nervous system trauma.

In last weeks video, which you can check out here, we talked about the traumas that keep us locked in people pleasing and rebellion.

Today, we are going to dive deeper into our way of BEING - how we navigate life, what we do when we are scared and alone and how to EVOLVE your guiding principals to match your TRUE values, rather than relying on outsourced programs to follow when you are lost and scared.

Because this life is all about being lost and not knowing.

We must have a map for how we respond to this, otherwise we will always fall back to the default of what we learned in childhood. There is a way to evolve so you react different when you don’t know - and THIS is what will change your life forever.

It’s not what we do in the times of familiarity that make up our lives, but how we respond to the unknown that determines our level of pain and pleasure. Watch to find out why.



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