Do You Have A Learning Trauma?

By January 19, 2018Videos

Hi Friend.

Do you suffer with fear and anxiety any time you enter a new situation?

Do you feel badly, unworthy and shameful any time you have to ask for help or receive support or service from another person?

Do you feel terrible about yourself if you learn that what you thought was right, was actually wrong? Do you punish yourself with days, weeks, months or even years of guilt over past ‘mistakes’ that you feel you should have known better than to have made?

Do you feel terrified to ‘make a mistake’ because you feel like doing so will end up with you having to deal with consequences that mess up your entire life?

Do you suffer with always feeling ‘less than?’ Incompetent? Like people are judging you as being stupid no matter what you do?

Do you ever feel like you must STRONGLY defend your positions, points of view, perspectives and opinions, and have a really hard tome being around people who don’t agree with you on things?

Do you have a perpetual inferiority complex that tells you that everyone around you is better, smarter and more capable than you are? Or on the flip side, do you find yourself needing to find the ‘flaws’ and ‘weakness’ in those you see in order to feel ok about yourself?

Finally, do you struggle to change habits and behaviors even when you know and can clearly see how they are harming you? Do you find that you can’t stop self sabotaging even when you have fully identified the reason, the source, tried a million ways to ‘cope’ or change - because all that ends up happening is you feeling terrible about yourself?

If so, you have a learning trauma.

Today lets look at WHY you have this trauma, so that you can get some clarity. Next week we will ponder how to move forward.



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