Do You Have Social Anxiety?

By September 15, 2017Videos

Social Anxiety is no fun at all.

That overwhelming feeling that you are going to say or do or be the wrong thing.

That people are not going to like you.

That sneaking suspicion that something awkward or uncomfortable is going to happen.

The sense that you are in the room, but totally and utterly alone. You are talking to people, but no one is hearing you. You are listening but not really connecting. The feeling of being in a bubble around people - like they are on the inside and you are on the outside and you don’t really know why.

That internal instinct that you would much rather avoid socializing at all because it is so much stress and pressure.

At the same, comes the idea that there is really something wrong with you for feeling so uncomfortable in social situations.

That you ‘should’ be a social person, that this is normal and you are now somehow wrong or broken.

You may also feel like you really WANT to be social, you crave that connection and feeling of being heard and seen, but the whole experience is just so stress inducing you feel like you lose either way.

You socialize, you lose. You stay in, you lose.

So what do you do? How do you get over social anxiety so you can be normal?

Here is my take on it. It may not be what you want to hear, but it also may be the thing that helps you move towards feeling better long term.