Don’t Try To Rush Emotional Mastery

By December 8, 2017Videos

Hello Friend!

Your emotions are messengers for you.

They are there to tell you where you are in and where you are out of alignment with truth.

Your emotions can be a hugely helpful guide you use to navigate your way through your world.

But here is the thing.

Getting to the place where you can actually RECEIVE the messages your emotions are sending you is no simple hop, skip and a jump.

We live in a culture that has trained you NOT to be emotionally masterful. That has taught you to ignore, suppress and deny your emotions. That has taught you that the worse something feels, the more true it is. That the more emotions you have the worse off you are.

So it is really no wonder that many of us come to this Emotional Mastery work totally discombobulated and confused.

Today I want to shed light on the PROCESS of becoming emotionally masterful in the hopes that it will help you release any expectation you have of yourself on where you should be, and also to give you a ‘path’ to walk so that the whole process feels less overwhelming.

Emotional Mastery takes time, effort and patience.