Embracing Your Darkness To Find Your Creativity

By November 1, 2017Videos

Hello Friends

In today’s video we are going to talk about darkness.

We are going to talk about how embracing who and what you are, about how embracing your darkness and even being fully willing able to look at the darkness and so called ‘evil’ that exists in the world may just be crucial for figuring out who and what YOU are, and for figuring out what you came here to do and be.

We are going to look at all the superstitions the human race has made up around evil, darkness and fear - all the symbols we have created to represent these things and how this superstition and these symbols have now become impediments to our growth and expansion as a human consciousness.

We are going to look evil right in the face today, and realize that we are only holding ourselves back from true self discovery as we run from all of these things.

It’s time to face the darkness within and without. Otherwise we can’t evolve.


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