Evolving Beyond Childhood Spirituality

Hello Beauty;

We are in a moment in time currently, where our old ways of doing things, our old ways of operating, our old ways of perceiving ourselves and the world are no longer serving us.

We have come to a place where our view of reality as being ‘human’ centered needs to be evolved.

Where our idea that we can all simply ‘manifest’ our ‘dream’ lives if we just work hard enough needs to be viewed for the half sight that it is.

Where our concepts of what makes someone a ‘spiritual’ person need to grow, as do our RELATIONSHIPS to spiritual people and teachings.

We need to evolve beyond our ideas of the world revolving around us, beyond the idea that we are the sole creators of our realties, beyond the idea that there is something ‘wrong’ with pain - wrong with US if we are IN PAIN, past the idea that we are going to find the truth through a perfect person or perfect teaching.

We need to step into adult spirituality.

Today I’m exploring how we can do that. I’m exploring how our old ways of relating to one another, spirituality and the universe itself can be evolved, and the most IMPORTANT thing YOU can do to support yourself in this transition from child to adult.

Come hang out with me and let’s evolve together.



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