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Last week we talked about why getting into feeling is SO important for navigating these times we are living in, for figuring out what our next steps are and what really matters in life.

You can watch the video from last week here.

This week, I want to dive deeper into the process of feeling and what it is meant to do for us LONG TERM.

I am going to be exploring WHY we want to make a non-negotiable practice out of being in FEELING every day.

Why this will eventually become a perpetual state of BEING that you are in ALL THE TIME.

Why this leads to a massive capacity to PROCESS as we GO THROUGH life - rather than storing traumas - and why this gives us the capacity to EVOLVE at the highest pace and speed possible.

I will also explore why we have to take this slow so as not to fry ourselves out, and how to moderate this process.

Lets FEEL into this together 😉



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