Finding Your Sovereignty In This Time Of Challenge

Hello Beauty:

This week, I am going to go really deep with you.

We are facing an unprecedented situation with this global virus - and whether you believe it is a true virus that came from bats, that it’s a man made contagion engineered for nefarious purposes, is a tool to create fear or anything in between - this video is for you.

I want to share with you the deep and profound overarching pattern this virus and our reactions to it are showing us, so that we can start to look towards where we are evolving.

This is not the first thing that is going to be rocking us, and it is time for us to see the SYSTEMS at play, how we got here, and how we can move forward.

There is much to wrap our minds around, and that is what this video is here to help you do.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!



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