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Hello Dear Friend!

If you are not already aware, I am a total yoga addict. I have been practicing for about 9 years, and have had my teaching certification for about 4. Yoga totally changed my life and I love to share what I have learned with others. You can check me out on Instagram for some fun pictures.

I am excited to let you know that I will now be making posture and sequence videos for you on a regular basis on my youtube channel!

Today we are going to talk about Pincha Mayurasana or forearm stand because it is one of my favourite postures and one that I often have requests to teach.  So here we go!

If you want to skip the reading, you can go directly to the video here

To begin working up to forearm stand, it can be very helpful to focus on the three main sections of your body - which are your upper body (chest and shoulders) your core, and your legs. In this posture all areas will be engaged and all areas do need to be strong.

Work Up Exercises:

Work Up Exercise 1: Plank position will help you to develop strength in all three areas, as well as awareness. See if you can hold your forearm plank for 60 seconds or so, while keeping your butt lifted and your belly button drawing in and up:

Focus on yo core!

Focus on yo core!

When you are doing this posture to help build strength for Pincah, focus on pressing your chest up and away from the floor more than you normally would if you were practicing this posture any other time. This is to help build the strength you need to hold yourself vertical.

Work Up Exercise 2: Next, work on your dolphins. These are awesome for building tonnes of upper body strength. What you are going to do is come into a downward dog with your forearms on the mat. You will interlace your fingers and it will look like this:

Stick your booty to the sky :)

Stick your booty to the sky 🙂

Then, keeping your whole body engaged, slowly bring your chin to the outside of your crossed fingers, like this:

Its harder than it looks, I promise.

Its harder than it looks, I promise.

Then push yourself back to the starting position. To build strength, I recommend doing 15-20 repetitions.

Getting Into The Pose

Once you feel confident with all of that, we can start to move into the posture. You can do this agains the wall if you are just starting out 🙂

Bring your forearms on the mat, parallel to one another and shoulder distance apart. You do not want your hands or your elbows splaying out at any point while you are learning this posture. Your legs will be in downward dog, and you will look awesome like this:

You will look like you got lazy in your downward dog ;)

You will look like you got lazy in your downward dog 😉

Then, slowly walk your feet in towards your elbows, moving your hips to align with your shoulders. This does take some flexibility in the hamstrings and back of the legs, so if you want to stay here and work the stretch that is wonderful.


Tippy toes!

Tippy toes!

Then, lift one leg up directly to the ceiling. This is going to help you resist the urge to kick wildly into the pose. Doing so may get you up, but it will most likely also get you all the way over - not exactly the idea. Control is best 🙂



Then, with as little momentum as possible, use your standing leg, core and shoulders to lift your bottom leg up off the ground into a splits position. The split legs will help you find your centre and stability before you go for the legs straight up phase. This should feel gentle and smooth. If you are kicking with tonnes of effort, stay here and practice your dolphins:

Air splits are the best kind of splits.

Air splits are the best kind of splits.

Then, all you have to do from here is scissor your legs together to meet at the top. I recommend squeezing your big toes together, and creating that sense of tension in the legs - drawing them together. Focusing on keeping your legs strong will enable you to hold the posture longer.

Tada, you did it!

Tada, you did it!

Hold for as long as you feel in control. To come out, split the legs like you did getting into the posture, and lower down one leg at a time with control. And do not smash your face or your feel.

Awesome! You did it!

Now, if that was all to much reading for you, you can simply watch the tutorial video here:


So that is that!

Let me know what you think, and if you want more videos like this!






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