Getting Enlightened Requires Learning To FEEL

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Two weeks ago we talked about the four components of an enlightenment experience. We talked about the pitfalls that can happen at each step, and we talked about how we can avoid those pitfalls through the self love path.

You can watch that video here

Last week we talked about how we are all running programs we think are reality - which is what is leading to most the chaos we see in the human race.

You can watch that video here

This week, I want to dive deeper into the traps of our materialistic, intellectual world and how enlightenment requires you to disconnect from CULTURE in some very powerful ways.

Enlightenment is living from a whole new level of intelligence beyond intellect and materialism - FEELING.

This isn’t ‘woo woo’, this isn’t just ‘going with your triggers and traumas’ - which is what MOST people think living by feeling means.

No, this path is about developing TRUE introspective tools, TRUE emotional mastery, TRUE connection to LOVE and therefore SAFETY - that then ALLOWS you to FEEL what Alignment is.

It takes you into the mystical AND the practical. It leads to you understanding life more and more - and living the life that brings actual peace WITHIN the chaos of our ever changing physical reality.

Learning to be integrated in the constant change while being connected to the absolute is freedom. Disconnecting from the lies of culture is the path. Self love is the vehicle.

Let’s explore together.



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